ACV-CSC METEA (Belgium Trade Union Organization)


ACV-CSC METEA is an independent  Belgian (doc 4) Trade Union. At the national level, it is part of the Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens  (General Christian Trade Union Federation) (read more Doc 1 + ), with its 1.7 million members, Belgium's largest trade union confederation. At the international level it is affiliated to IndustriAll Europe and IndustriAll Global Union.


ACV-CSC METEA (doc 2)  is a national trade union which was created on 12  December 2009 from the merger of ACV-CSC Textura and CSC-Metal, the former textile and metalworkers unions (two unions the origins  of which go back to the end of the 19th century). ACV-CSC METEA defends  the collective and individual interests of workers, both active and non-active,  in the metal and textile industry in 23 sectors. It has 10.000 shop stewards and  220.000 members.



Our mission statement is based on the fundamental human rights, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, justice, equality… ACV-CSC METEA strives for more solidarity, better working conditions and income security, a fair social security system, welfare and a better acknowledgement of workers and their representatives, job security and sufficient opportunities for vocational training.



Via social dialogue (doc 3) (normally between employers and worker’s organisations, occasionally with government representatives), through free, national and  branch or company-level  negotiations in order to reach collective labour agreements at both branch and company level but also by influencing government and employers’ decisions. These activities cover topics such as job security, income security, permanent upgrading of knowledge, a better common and unified employee status, quality of work and life, working time and flexibility…


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  • Social dialogue and socio-economic transformation in Belgium from 1994 to the

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