OS-TOK (Czech Trade Union Organization)


The Trade Union of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industry Workers’ Union (OS TOK) founded in 1990 has a legal entity status (Act no. 83/1990 Coll. on freedom of association) and is economically and politically independent of state authorities or employers. It concentrates its attention to employees in enterprises belonging to three NACE categories (13-14-15). Present number of members, mostly manual workers, is 4276. From them 2782 are women. In line with its Rules, the OS TOK represents and defends interests of its members, providing them a wide range of services: free legal advice in labour, economic and social matters, covering wage-related; counselling in area of employment, working and living conditions, health and safety, collective bargaining at the plant level and related matters. It also provides its members trade union education. OS TOK operates its own website, issues methodological materials for functionaries, it is also organizing training for them.


The OS TOK takes part in consultations and permanent dialogue with relevant employer partner  Association of Textile-Clothing-Leather (ATOK) and runs negotiations designed to conclude sector collective agreements.


The union includes trade union organisations at enterprise level and local trade union organisations. The representatives to the union bodies at all levels are elected. The OS TOK is affiliated to national and European organisations: the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS) and  the IndustriAll Europe.