The Project


Promote the participation of sectoral partners of the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries in Social Dialogue as a way to transform sectoral and company collective bargaining into instruments which increasingly ensure the viability of enterprises and the defence of employment, in the current context of global and national changes.

Portray this through increasing the Information and Awareness levels of trade union organizations, especially in what concerns the importance of strengthening Social Dialogue, particularly in the framework of sectoral and company collective bargaining and in the sub dimensions, Organisation of Working Time, Health and Safety at Work and Gender Equality. In doing this, attempt to adjust collective agreements to the real needs of companies; to their needs of restructuring and, at the same time, to promote an improved reconciliation of working time with time for family and leisure.


1. Contribute to the inter-institutional debate / discussion, awareness and information of the union leaders, trade union delegates and members of the committees of dialogue and negotiation;

2. Contribute to the promotion of more balanced employment relationships, adjusted to the demands of the global market and to the working and living conditions of the workers;

3. Contribute to the implementation of strategies to reduce the risk of accidents and the development of occupational diseases through prevention and contribute to a better balance in the binomial of "healthy work - more productivity"


4. Appreciate the social dialogue (bipartite and tripartite) and Collective Bargaining (at sectoral and company level) within the union organizations, employers organisation and institutions on strategic issues (organization of working time / reconciliation of work, private and family life) level of participation of its main actors, workers and their organizations and companies and their organizations;

5. Contribute to networking (open to the community) and dissemination of good practices, fundamentally through the creation of an online application that contributes to an improvement of inter-organization communication, exchange of knowledge, experiences, good practices and the development of the digital society

Project Team

Manuel Freitas

Coordinator of the Office of Studies - FESETE

Bruno Freitas

Responsible for coordinating the Project - Office of Studies FESETE

Francisca Vidal

Project Financial Officer - Office of Studies FESETE

Lurdes Fonseca

Responsible for Information and Communication Technologies Multimedia of the Project - Office of Studies FESETE

Kendrick Bondin

Secretary - GWU General Workers Union (Maltese Union Organization)

Szabolcs Beőthy-Fehér

Secretary for International Relations - BDSZ Trade Union of Mine, Energy and Industry Workers

Halil Ergün İşeri

Deputy General Secretary (Textile Workers Union) - DISK Tekstil (Turkish Trade Union Organization)

Kıvanç Eliaçık

Director of International Relations Departman (DİSK - Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey)