Coordinating Organization of the Projec



FESETE it, is  a Private Law Body/Non-profit/National/Trade Union Organisation. It represents at the sectorial level the Portuguese Unions of the Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Industry. At a national level is affiliated to CGTP-IN (National Confederation) and at European level is part of the Executive Committee of the IndustriAll – European Trade Union – the sectorial organization of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).


FESETE’s main objective is to support and promote the enforcement of the workers fundamental rights namely, the right to work and job security, the right to a fair wage, the right to equal pay for a work of equal value, the right to health and safety at the work places, the right to liberty, union activities and workers committees, the right to the collective agreements, the specific rights for the children, teenagers and women, the right for training, the right to social security and health care;


FESETE also plays an important role: To accomplish the collective labour agreements and participate in the preparation of other instruments of collective labour regulation; To intervene and participate in the modernization of the sector and the restructuring of the companies with the aim of protecting the workers interests; To participate in the preparation of legislation concerning the workers and the sector, as well as, monitoring the implementation of the economic and social plans; To develop the contacts and the cooperation with similar organizations of other countries and consequently the solidarity between workers from all the world, in particular from the sector; To promote own initiatives in cooperation with other union associations and other public and private entities aiming the training, through its Training Center for the textile, clothing and footwear workers (CEFOTEX), of the young for the labour market needs and adults aiming the skills update necessary to follow the technological development and professional conversion.