Reinforce  the Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, at sectoral

and company level, for a continuous improvement of employment

and productivity in the textile, clothing,

leather and footwear industries




Promote the participation of sectoral partners of the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries in Social Dialogue as a way to transform sectoral and company collective bargaining into instruments which increasingly ensure the viability of enterprises and the defence of employment, in the current context of global and national changes.


Portray this through increasing the  Information and Awareness levels of trade union organizations, especially in what concerns the importance of strengthening Social Dialogue, particularly in the framework of sectoral and company collective bargaining and in the sub dimensions, Organisation of Working Time, Health and Safety at Work and Gender Equality. In doing this, attempt to adjust collective agreements to the real needs of companies; to their needs of restructuring and, at the same time, to promote an improved reconciliation of working time with time for family and leisure.



The action has its specific objectives based on the development of measures and initiatives concerning the strengthening of social dialogue and changes in the employment and work relationships with particular emphasis on improving skills and increasing the versatility of functions. Thus, the specific objectives of this activity are:

1.    To characterize the Employment Relations of the sectors in its different socio-demographic and socio-professional dimensions, namely, the nature of employment, organization of working time, health and safety at work, gender equality and the reconciliation of working time with family life and leisure;

2.    To contribute to the implementation of strategies and new forms of work organization to mitigate the risk of accidents and development of occupational diseases, reduce gender inequality, promote a better reconciliation of work and family life, as well as greater participation and intervention of women in the everyday trade union organizations;

3.    To contribute to the discussion/debate within the trade union and employers' organizations on the main difficulties on the social dialogue (bipartite and tripartite) at national level in terms of sectoral collective bargaining, at the company level, as well as the challenges faced by the companies in a context of ongoing changes and restructuring in a proactive approach in the combat to unemployment;

 4.    Contribute to networking (open to the community) and dissemination of good practices, mainly through the creation of a platform that contributes to improving intra-organization communication, exchange of knowledge, experiences, best practices and the development of the digital society.