The Project

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Reinforce Gender Equality in the Trade Unions and in the Collective Bargaining in the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industry, minimizing the gender pay gap between men and women and promoting the reconciliation of work and family life.




To Integrate Gender Equality in the sectorial trade unions structure through the: dissemination of information and through measures that eliminate female discrimination in the labour market, minimize the pay gap between man and women, promote a balanced representation of men and women in the decision-making processes and positions, promote work-family balance and equal access to vocational training; as well as review the role and the stereotypes concerning the division of tasks between men and women at home and in family and how women are affected by this.

To explicitly address to the gender equality through social partners’ actions, at the appropriate levels, in accordance with national industrial relations practice, such as social dialogue, collective bargaining, joint statements, recommendations, etc.




The partnership has selected to intervene in three major areas that are in straight line with the specific objectives:

Strengthening gender equality 

1.      Contribute to the implementation of measures that breach the traditional gender roles and stereotypes identified as obstacles for achieving gender equality in the labour market and which may influence the reconciliation between men and women in the professional and familiar life.


Strengthening gender equality in trade union action

2.   Contribute to raise the awareness and information of union leaders, union delegates and negotiators of collective bargaining in the field of Gender Equality.

Internal and External Communication and Monitoring. Promote regular communication, reporting and monitoring in the field of gender equality, conciliation of personal, family and professional life and protection of parenting.

3.      Contribute to networking, dissemination and sharing of good practices in the field of Gender Equality 




The project aiming to raise the awareness of gender equality will allow: 


1.      unions to promote women participation in the management structures; 


2.      the union leaders and delegates more powers to intervene with workers in the protection of the maternity and paternity rights, reduce gender discrimination and promote a better work-family balance;


3.      the negotiators of collective bargaining with more powers to intervene according to the principle of equal pay for men and women for work of equal value, implementing the gender dimension in the collective bargaining and minimizing the gender pay gap between men and women;


This will allow to promote gender-mainstreaming at a national and international level, through the unions, important stakeholders, and among the workers. It will also allow the share of good practices in the field of Collective bargaining achievements in the gender dimension, Maternity and paternity rights and the identification of persistent situations of women discrimination in the sectorial labour market, situations of gender pay gap and stereotypes concerning the role of men and women in the professional and familiar life so that this areas can be highlight as priority to intervene. 




 A survey on the gender dimension, aimed to ascertain

1.      Collective bargaining achievements in the gender dimension;

2.      Maternity and paternity rights;

3.      Identified situations of women discrimination in the sectorial labour market;

4.      Identified situations of gender pay gap;

5.      Identified stereotypes concerning the role of men and women in the professional and familiar life;


·     A document with Recommendations to carry through in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors and in collective bargaining/ at national level in order to promote gender equality, in the three official languages of the partners plus English;


·     An Online Platform dedicated to gender equality, which is open to the community; 


·     A link between the Platform and the Social Networks dedicated to the issue of Gender Equality and Maternity and Paternity rights;


·     Information materials/brochure in the issue of Maternity and Paternity Rights, Work-Family balance and good practices in the gender equality issue.